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Breed Spotlight – Greyhounds

(IMO) One of the most underrated breeds of dog in existence is the greyhound. Most people think of greyhounds as racing dogs and while most are used for racing, many retired (and some not born to racing kennels) greyhounds go on to live very long lives with families. Some, go even further than that. Some have gone on to acting careers like Winnie and Mia who co-starred with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in “Charlie Wilson’s War”.

Greyhounds make great pets and are quite often referred to as “big cats” or “cats in a dog costume”. They have a very short coat so they do not shed that much, are typically not barkers, are smart enough to understand some obedience, and while they do love to be with their people they are independent enough so they are not on you 24-7. Continue reading Breed Spotlight – Greyhounds

Turner and Hooch

In 1989 Tom Hanks starred in the film “Turner and Hooch” (starred by “Beasley the Dog”) where he is an overly neat (OCD?) police officer who ends up having to take care of a dog who may be a witness to a murder. “Hooch” was a Dogue de Bordeaux (a.k.a . French Mastiff). Of course this set sup the conflict between the overly neat human and his excessively messy and destructive canine companion.

They most likely used the Dogue de Bordeax for many reasons – it’s size, it’s dirty look, as well as its “slobberyness”.

Clint Rowe (also an animal (wolf) trainer for “Men In Black“, “The X-Files“, and “Dr. Dolittle 2“) is credited for being Hooch’s owner and Scott Rowe (who has also done work in “True Lies“, “Cats & Dogs“, “Star Trek Enterprise“, and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua“) was credited as being the animal trainer.