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The Barking 20’s

The “Roaring 20’s” was a period in the USA’s history where the economy was booming more than it had ever in the history of the USA and quite possibly of the world. “The Great War” was over and Europe was on the road to recovery while the USA was isolated enough from the war that it was able to continue on with the new advances the war brought. With good times, people want to be entertained and this decade “moving pictures” really took off. Films were no longer short films (10-20 minutes) but actual films (60+ minutes) and a new form of moving picture called a “talkie” (movie with sound) was emerging thus solidifying the moving picture’s place in modern society.

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Dedication to the pioneers

I made this little video as a dedication to the pioneers to dog acting.  The video consists of clips of Jean (a.k.a. the Vitagraph Dog (border collie), Strongheart (German Shepherd in the higher quality black & white films), and the original Rin Tin Tin (German Shepherd, lower quality black and white as well as sepia colored film clips).  The second dog (lighter colored) in the Rin Tin Tin clips is Nanette II.