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Look Who’s Talking Now

The 1993 film, “Look Who’s Talking now” was the third installment of the “Look Who’s Talking” series. In the previous two films you heard the “thoughts” of the two children but the third installment you heard the thoughts of their two dogs, “Rocks”, voiced by Danny Devito, and “Daphne” voiced by Diane Keaton.

Rocks, the first dog who is adopted into the family (by James and Mikey) is a run of the mill typical street mutt (shepherd mix most likely). In the beginning (and throughout the film) he is dirty, messy, clumsy, and always getting into trouble. This portrays one end of the dog behavior spectrum – chaotic.

Daphne is the second dog adopted into the family (by a few minutes – adopted by Mollie and Julie). She is a standard poodle and is the exact opposite of Rocks – polite, well trained, neat, proper, polite, and does not get into trouble. She displays the other end of the dog behavior spectrum – completely orderly. Continue reading Look Who’s Talking Now