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DogActors.com note: The novel and movie do not portray Saint Bernards in an accurate manner and both make it clear that Cujo is infected with rabies, which any mammal can get and will cause chaotic and aggressive behavior. Saint Bernards are typically affectionate and loyal. Typically the largest threats to people from the breed is their large size, clumsiness, and a high chance of a wet and slobbery kiss.

The 1981 novel by Stephen King, “Cujo” and the 1983 movie based on the novel and with the same name is about a Saint Bernard. Despite the love the family has for their dog, they never got it vaccinated against rabies. There is a lot of tension in the family (abusive husband / father) and by chance, the wife (Charity played by Kaiulani Lee) wins the lottery and convinces the husband to allow her to take their son (Brett – played by Billy Jayne) to her sister’s house in Connecticut. During this time Cujo gets infected with the rabies virus (he got his head stuck and was bitten by an infected bat) and after they leave starts to aggressively attack and kill people. During the rampage, Donna Trenton (played by Dee Wallace) and her son, Tad (played by Danny Pintauro) are trapped in their car and the story centers around them and their struggle to escape. Continue reading Cujo