Rescue Organizations

Rescue organizations around the world take in abused, abandoned, neglected, and other dogs that cannot be cared for. These organizations are usually run by volunteers who love the breeds (or any dog). They pull dogs out of shelters and work to get them into a permanent and loving home. If you are looking for a dog and have a good idea of what breed you want I highly recommend looking up a local rescue organization. Unlike shelter and puppy store dogs, these dogs are temperament tested to ensure that they go to the right home.

Greyhound rescue is the largest rescue organization in the USA. They take in many retired racing dogs and adopt them out to loving homes. Greyhounds make great pets for many reasons. Typically they are very sweet, are not very vocal and have extremely short coats so there is very little to no shedding. They also love to please their pack members and can usually be trained in basic obedience fairly easily.

Belgian Malinois Rescue, adopt a deserving Malinois 3.5KB

Malinois are a highly intelligent and high drive breed (typically). While malinois are not for beginners, they do make excellent and loyal companions. If you are experienced with high drive dogs (like working German Shepehrds) and are looking for such a dog, why not contact malinois rescue?

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