There are a lot of animal acts and bills in the US Congress today. Some will help the welfare of our animals while others will hurt it (some drastically). I’ve set up this page so I can promote either support or opposition to some of these bills but not get in the way of the site itself.

Most of these actions will be through two sites – PopVox (which seems to be more popular) and OpenCongress (buggy but allows you to email your representatives and senators directly from the site). Please register with both sites.

Disclaimer: Support or opposition of these bills and acts is a reflection of how DogActors.com feels and is in now way an official statement from any dog, human, company, organization, or any other entity listed within the site. I will try to find bills that pertain to animal welfare and voice our opinion on them. While we will give recommendations, we advise people to read over the actual bill text before making a decision.

HR 4103 and S2134: “Canine Members of the Military Act”

This is about our canine veterans.  HR 4103 and S2134 are House and Senate versions (respectively) of the “Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act” which would re-classify canines in the US military from “equipment” to “canine members of the military”.  These acts would acknowledge them for the work that they’ve done as well as they, like our human members of the military, put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.

These acts would also make the medical costs of retired military canines that are adopted after retirement paid for by the military (this is already done in most cases).

We are asking all visitors (in the USA) to SUPPORT these acts:
Show your support for HR 4103 on PopVox
Show your support for S 2134 on PopVox

HR-707 & S.707: Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act

While the ideas behind this bill are just and would be widely supported, the PUPS act is extremely vague and does not seem like it would do much to protect puppies from puppy mills and it might also hurt some reputable breeders who may have a lot of co-owned dogs. This would force many people who co-own dogs to be regulated under commercial laws. The USDA does not allow puppies to be raised in a home (huh?) nor have them on surfaces such as grass.

Yes, the idea behind it is great but the implementation is not.

Please OPPOSE the PUPS Act:
House version on PopVox
Senate version on PopVox

HR 2657: Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act

This bill will ban the use of all body-gripping style traps in the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Show your support on Popvox
Show your support on OpenCongress

HR 4214: Compound 1080 and Sodium Cyanide Elimination Act

Both toxins are commonly used as “predator control” but will kill any animal that comes into contact with it including pets and children.

Ranchers will also request this measure (at the expense of the taxpayer) as an alternative to using non-lethal prevention.

Show your support on popVox
Show your support on OpenCongress

HR 4089: Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2102

We strongly OPPOSE this bill, it would open up all public lands to hunting which would not only be a devastating blow to all wildlife but also a HUGE risk to vast majority of people who want to enjoy the outdoors for means other than hunting.

Show your opposition on PopVox
Show your opposition on OpenCongress

HR 4234: “Grazing Improvement Act of 2012”

HR 4234 (a.k.a. the “Grazing Improvement Act of 2012” is an attempt to re-write several existing laws and is also extremely vague in its writing. For example – they make exemptions for ranchers who would only need a “minor adjustment” for this act but they do not define what a “minor adjustment is”. It also expands the current “lease” that ranchers have on PUBLIC lands from 10 to 20 years without a necessary study of the effects that two decades of cattle grazing will have on the ecosystem.

We ask that everyone OPPOSE this act.

Show your opposition on PopVox.
Show your opposition on OpenCongress

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