Working Dog HoF

This section is dedicated to working dogs who have gone above an beyond the call of duty.  Included here are police and military canines (K9s), search and rescue dogs, and other working dogs.

I would like to mention that all the dogs, most of which are unsung heroes, who are canine members of the military, police canines, and search and rescue dogs deserve to be on this site.  These dogs have selflessly given themselves to assist their human partners in times of war, peace, and disaster.  Too often, selflessly giving their lives for their human partner’s safety.

Military canines work with human partners in making our world safe from enemies abroad.  They detect out bombs, traps, the enemy, and even protect their human partners and companions.  The bond the handler and canine develop is one of the strongest out of all the military even to the point that if one retires, the other may retire, too.

Police canines have a similar job to military canines but on the “home front”.  They work with a police officer handler and he assists with narcotics detection, protection, apprehension, and even threat detection (bombs etc.).

Search and rescue dogs are ones who work with a human partner and go into danger to help search for victims of disasters (hurricane, earthquake, terrorist attack, accident, etc.).  They help save countless lives in a dangerous environment.