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We do not represent any other entity including, but not limited to, any dog trainers, movie companies (again, all aspects), advertisers, posters etc.

The dogs in the header (from left to right):

  • Tri Sorts Zorro del Mango (M – Belgian Malinois)- you can see him on the site demoing their folding crates. He was also in the Spanish soap opera ¿Donde Esta Elisa? as a police canine (he was also in the opening credits).
  • Dazy del Mango (F – Finnish Spitz)
  • Fayr van Corsalabroek (F – German Shepherd)- you can see her on the site demoing their “Expedition” style stroller (with her head sticking out of the top).
  • Spitfire Mango (F – Belgian Malinois) and Orion’s Spitfire MacLeod (M – rough collie). MacLeod was a long time service dog as well as a therapy dog.
  • Gallon (M – German Shepherd).
  • Galomy Oak’s Aurora del Mango (F – Czechoslovakian vlcak). Active service dog in training and being trained for acting.
  • (I forgot her name) (F – rough collie). Therapy dog.

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