Author Topic: The Rules - PLEASE READ  (Read 4786 times)

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If your post does not comply with the rules then it will be closed and/or deleted.  This is your only warning.  There are also no refunds.

This section is for people who have signed up and paid for advertising privileges (one year subscription).

When making a post, please include in the subject the location (city and state - as in Boston, MA).

In the post include what you specialize in, what kind of animals you're looking for, who you've worked for in the past, etc.

Only one thread creation is allowed per person and/or agency.  Do not bump your posts but you may update them (new projects etc.) once per week (7 days).

The rules may change at any time.  Please read up with them before you make any post or modification to ensure that your post follows the rules.
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