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Dances With Wolves

The 1990 “western epic” film starring Kevin Costner, “Dances With Wolves” is about a Union Lieutenant who is injured during the civil war and instead of having his leg amputated he decides on a “suicide by opposing forces” attempt (by charging on his horse towards confederate troops). His suicide attempt fails but the Union Army wins. He is later awarded a citation for bravery and is given the horse he rode on and his choice of any post he wants. He chooses to head out to the western frontier so he can see it before it is claimed and developed. There he meets up with local Native Americans as well as an unlikely companion – a wolf he named Two Socks since it looks like he is wearing socks on his paws.

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Wolves – if you don’t mind me getting a little political

Recently the US government took wolves off of the endangered species list as part of the debt reduction plan. Personally, I do not see how it is relevant other than allowing states to sell wolf hunting licenses. Personally, I feel this is a big step back and if you are on this site then there is a good chance that you also at least have a respect for the wolf.

3 states – Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, all plan on making (or have already made) the wolf a “trophy” level hunt meaning a hunter can kill one on sight just so they can use it as a trophy.  I don’t have an issue with hunting like the Native Americans – use as much of the animal as you can when you kill it but allowing a mass hunt for wolves is not the right thing to do.  I’ve been trying to figure out why there is such large support for this and I’ve heard some pro-wolf hunt arguments and I’ll address my responses to the most common ones. Continue reading Wolves – if you don’t mind me getting a little political

True Blood – Werewolves

In season 3 of True Blood a pack of werewolves were introduced. They were mostly addicted to “V” and were under the command of the Mississippi vampire king, Russel Edgington.

It is not easy tracking down if these are actual wolves or not but in the credits Tim Williams (also from Eight Below and Twilight) and Gayle Phelps (also from Evan Almighty and Dances With Wolves) are listed as animal trainers – both of whom have been known to work with full blooded wolves and high content wolf-hybrids. What little information is out there at this time confirms that they used full blooded wolves and did not use CGI for any of them. Continue reading True Blood – Werewolves

White Fang

White Fang written by Jack London (1906)White Fang is a novel published in 1906 by Jack London. The story is told primarily though the eyes of a wolf and her mate, One Eye, after they leave their pack. They have a litter of cubs and after One Eye is killed by a lynx, the lone survivor puppy and the mother are on their own. They encounter some Native Americans where one recognizes the femals as his brother’s wolfdog, Kichie and they name her cub White Fang. Years later White Fang is sold to a dog fighter. Continue reading White Fang