Back to the Future (Einstein and Copernicus)

The 1980’s trilogy, “Back two the Future” featured to friends, Dr. Emmet Brown (Christopher Loyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and their adventures as they travel in time, mess things up, and then try to fix the timeline (as best as they can). Continue reading

Best in Show

The 2000 mocumentary “Best In Show” helped bring the world of professional dog showing to the eyes of the masses – mainly focusing on the Westminster Kennel Club show, in a comedic fashion (well, it’s not a comedy to those of us who have shown dogs professionally!). The film starred many dogs, including a nervous Weimaraner (well, nervous owners), an overly spoiled Norwich Terrier, and a bloodhound. The film was directed and written by Christopher Guest (“Spinal Tap“).

The movie starts off with each dog owner in their own corner of the country as they set off to the premier of dog shows, The Mayflower Dog Show (based on the Westminster Kennel Club show). Of course, just getting to a dog show in itself can be quite an adventure as some off them realize. Continue reading