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Cujo note: The novel and movie do not portray Saint Bernards in an accurate manner and both make it clear that Cujo is infected with rabies, which any mammal can get and will cause chaotic and aggressive behavior. Saint Bernards are typically affectionate and loyal. Typically the largest threats to people from the breed is their large size, clumsiness, and a high chance of a wet and slobbery kiss.

The 1981 novel by Stephen King, “Cujo” and the 1983 movie based on the novel and with the same name is about a Saint Bernard. Despite the love the family has for their dog, they never got it vaccinated against rabies. There is a lot of tension in the family (abusive husband / father) and by chance, the wife (Charity played by Kaiulani Lee) wins the lottery and convinces the husband to allow her to take their son (Brett – played by Billy Jayne) to her sister’s house in Connecticut. During this time Cujo gets infected with the rabies virus (he got his head stuck and was bitten by an infected bat) and after they leave starts to aggressively attack and kill people. During the rampage, Donna Trenton (played by Dee Wallace) and her son, Tad (played by Danny Pintauro) are trapped in their car and the story centers around them and their struggle to escape. Continue reading Cujo

Dug and his pack from Up

Normally I do not intend to do animated films but Pixar’s “Up” really hits home with their dogs.

First, we meed Dug, a retriever (voiced by Bob Peterson). What’s unique about Dug is that he has a collar that converts his thoughts to words we (humans) can understand. Dug is a very typical retriever – in love with everyone he meets and wants to be their best friend. of course, Dug is also not the brightest dog you’ve ever met nor the most attractive but what he lacks in intelligence and looks he over-compensates in sweetness and personality. SQUIRREL! Continue reading Dug and his pack from Up

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In the 1986 cult-classic film, “Ferris Bueller’s Day off” there is a scene when principal Edward Rooney (played by Jeffrey Jones) tries to break into Ferris’ house to catch him playing hookey red handed. Of course, no one his home except The Bueller family’s dog – an unnamed Rottweiler who proceeds to chase Rooney out of the house. Later on, Rooney is able to knock the dog out with a floral arrangement that was delivered for the ailing Ferris (don’t worry – they just put the dog in a “play dead” command while they had the debris around him). Don’t worry, the dog did get his revenge when towards the end of the film, Ferris’ sister, Jeanie, slams a door shut with Rooney in the back yard. Of course, this wakes the dog up and you can hear a “vicious” attack going on behind the door with Rooney screaming.

Rottweiliers are commonly used in movies as “tough” dogs due to their bulky appearance and reputation when in reality a well bred and trained Rottie is actually a very sweet and cuddly dog but they can be protective of their family and can be trained to look aggressive.

Star Trek: Enterprise – Porthos

At the age of six weeks (a little early IMO) Captain Johnathan Archer had his trusty English Beagle, Porthos. In Season 1 Porthos was played by a male beagle named Prada, whom also played a beagle named Lou in the film Cats and Dogs (voiced by Toby Maguire). In later seasons two female beagles shared the honor, Breezy and Windy (although Porthos was always a male).

In one of the final episodes of Enterprise, “In a Mirror Darkly” (a “evil twin universe episode”), Porthos was replaced with a Rottweiler. While they tried to find a dog that would be a polar opposite to the Beagle (and Rotties do have that look), on set reports that the Rottweiler was even a bigger baby than the Beagle – writer Mike Sussman noted that he was “The sweetest dog I Have ever met”.

In the new Star Trek Film (2009) there is reference to Montgomery Scott having a “transporter accident” with Admiral Archer’s dog. I highly doubt it was the beloved beagle since he would have been over 70 years old when Scotty was born. 🙂