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White Fang

White Fang written by Jack London (1906)White Fang is a novel published in 1906 by Jack London. The story is told primarily though the eyes of a wolf and her mate, One Eye, after they leave their pack. They have a litter of cubs and after One Eye is killed by a lynx, the lone survivor puppy and the mother are on their own. They encounter some Native Americans where one recognizes the femals as his brother’s wolfdog, Kichie and they name her cub White Fang. Years later White Fang is sold to a dog fighter. Continue reading White Fang

Stargate SG-1: Spirits

This Stargate SG-1 episode takes place when SG-1 is dispatched to find out what has happened to SG-11 who was conducting a mining survey on a planet. On the planet are people who are very similar to Native Americans called the Salish and their “spirit guides” (like Native American mythology). One of them, Xe’ls is their equivalent of a wolf. Continue reading Stargate SG-1: Spirits