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Air Bud (Franchise)

In 1997 Disney released “Air Bud”. The movie is about a young boy (Josh Framm) who loses his father in an accident and then his family moves to Washington (state). Meanwhile, an abusive and alcoholic dog owner (Norman Snively) is taking Buddy (a golden retriever) to the pound but his kennel falls off the back of the truck and buddy escapes. Josh and Buddy meet up and quickly becomes friends.

Josh finally gains enough courage to try out for the basketball team and makes it onto the team. During his first game Buddy shows up and causes a lot of confusion and mayhem but the crowd loves him. Buddy even scores a basket during his exhibition. During the season Buddy’s former owner notices him and steals Buddy just before the championship game. Josh helps buddy escape but then Norman sues the family for custody of the dog. Luckily, Josh’s family wins the suit and they get to keep the dog.

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Santa Buddies

Just in time for the holiday season in 2009 Disney put out their latest in the “Buddies” movies – “Santa Buddies”. The movie stars a group of puppies (“the Buddies”) who decide to take a vacation to the North Pole. One of the puppies is on the “naughty” list and the son of Santa Paws, Puppy Paws decides to show him how to be a good puppy while the entire gang tries to teach everyone the true meaning of Christmas.

Puppy Paws and Santa Paws are reported as being a Great Pyrenees while the Buddies are retrievers. Great Pyrenees are very large (over 100 pounds) herding dogs from the Basque region of Spain and France. Retrievers are very popular pets and often very friendly, especially as puppies. Continue reading Santa Buddies

Dug and his pack from Up

Normally I do not intend to do animated films but Pixar’s “Up” really hits home with their dogs.

First, we meed Dug, a retriever (voiced by Bob Peterson). What’s unique about Dug is that he has a collar that converts his thoughts to words we (humans) can understand. Dug is a very typical retriever – in love with everyone he meets and wants to be their best friend. of course, Dug is also not the brightest dog you’ve ever met nor the most attractive but what he lacks in intelligence and looks he over-compensates in sweetness and personality. SQUIRREL! Continue reading Dug and his pack from Up

Punky Brewster

The mid-1980s TV show, “Punky Brewster” featured a golden retriever named “Brandon” (a.k.a. “Brandon the Wonder Dog” – his real name was also Brandon). Brandon was Punky’s trusty sidekick throughout the series – appearing in every episode but he wasn’t in the credits until the third season.

Brandon was a puppy when the show first aired and loyal viewers watched Brandon grow up along with Punky though the entire life of the series (88 episodes from 1984 to 1988) and he was named after the head of NBC (the network that aired Punky Brewster), Brandon Tartikoff. Brandon lived up to his alias learning many tricks during his show career including how to ride a skateboard in just a couple of days. Glen Garner is credited for being the on-set dog trainer.

Stand By Me

The 1986 future-star studded film was about four young boys on their way to find a dead body. Their journey proves difficult for them and they come across many tests of courage during their trip. One of them was to face “Chopper”, a guard dog at a junkyard where they took refuge one afternoon. There is a rumor that the owner of the dog taught him a command that would strike the fear into any young man’s heart – “Chopper – sick balls”.

Chopper was a golden retriever named Popeye who was also in the films “War of the Roses” (1989 as “Benny”) and “Out of Bounds” (1986 – as Barney the Dog). Golden retrievers love to play fetch, catch, and any other “game” that requires retrieving. They are also trained to retrieve shot-down foul for hunters. They can easily be made to look like a dangerous mutt with good speed and agility – and when needed, to bite Corey Feldman in the rear end.