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True Blood: Sam Merlotte

Sam Merlotte, the owner of Merlotte’s, a diner in the town of Bon Temps, LA. As the series continues though the first season you learn that Sam is hiding a secret and it is later revealed that he is a shape shifter. While his talent is limited to animals he’s been with or seen, his preferred animal of choice is a collie (the actual collie is also seen walking up to Sam in an episode).

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Filming the Lassie TV series, on location in Florida (1965)What dog actor site would be complete without Lassie? I don’t think there is another dog who has spawned off more TV shows, movies, and other publications than the popular collie. Not only that, there isn’t a more recognizable breed or individual animal other than Lassie (not including fictional animals like Mickey Mouse).

Author Erik Knight first created in the short story “Lassie Come Home” that was featured in the Saturday Evening post back in 1938. Two years later “Lassie Come Home” was a published novel. Only three years later, in 1943, it was made into a movie which became an instant hit (it was re-made in 2005 also). In 1945 a sequel came out, “The Son of Lassie” and the following year “The Courage of Lassie” came out.

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