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Bear – Person of Interest (TV Series)

Bear - a Belgian malinois in the TV series "Person of Interest"The second season of the CBS show “Person of Interest” introduced a new cast member – a Belgian malinois (working line) named Bear (previously named Butcher).  John Reese (played by Jim Cavierzel) gets “captured” by the Aryan Nation in an attempt to free his friends who were being held hostage.  Reese quickly proves that his hostage takers do not know how to properly handle nor get the respect for such a dog mainly because they do not speak  Dutch (commonly used in training military dogs).  Their expression quickly changes when Reese tells Butcher to sit then lie down in Dutch.  A quick scuffle happens and you see Reese with the other two hostages leaving the building.  As they get to the car Reese calls the dog and he comes running out (it’s safe to assume during the scuffle the dog did not break his commend).  Later in the episode Butcher eats a million dollar’s worth of bearer bonds and Reese decided to rename him to Bear.  Bear lives in the Library with Harold Finch (played by Michael Emerson).  While Mr. Finch does not get along with Bear at first he quickly warms up to the dog.

Bear is played by a working line Belgian Malinois named Graubaer’s Boker (who also has his own Facebook page).  Boker is an IPO trained dog (schutzhund title) – Boker has his IPO3 which is a schutzhund title (considered to be a more “recent” title than the more common SCHh3- the trial for both titles are very similar).  Boker was born in June of 2009 to a long line of working Belgian Malinois (French and Dutch lines). Continue reading Bear – Person of Interest (TV Series)

Two service dog sites launched!

It’s been quiet on the dog acting front the past couple of months (if you see something I’ve missed feel free to contact me using the contact us link at the top of this page or on our forums) I’ve had the time to set up other venues.

I’ve always been a supporter of service dogs so I’ve launched two new service dog sites:

  • Florida Service a service dog community primarily for people in Florida (but anyone is welcome) for teams and trainers to plan get togethers and talk about service dog related topics.
  • Service Dog Friendly a review site for service dog teams (and where applicable, trainers) to review establishments (etc.) on how they are towards service dogs. The site is simple now (use a contact form to submit a review) but I do plan on eventually having a site similar to Yelp.

Feel free to check out the two new sites!

Vlcak Antis – a true wolfdog hero (that deserves a movie)

Vlčák Ant – Hrdinný Letec RAF

Wolfdog Antis – Czechoslovakian RAF Wolfdog Hero

We’ve all seen and heard about canine action heroes starring Strongheart, Rin Tin Tin, and Lassie but during World War II a wolfdog named Antis would prove to be a real life canine hero. Born in a French kennel in 1940 Antis was destined to play a big role with the Czechoslovakian RAF as well as a symbol of dedication and freedom to the Czechoslovakian people for decades to come. Continue reading Vlcak Antis – a true wolfdog hero (that deserves a movie)

Colorado wildfires are hitting a large wolf sanctuary

Right now wildfires in Colorado are hitting Wolf Sanctuary in Bellvue, Colorado. They were able to evacuate 13 out of 30 wolves before the fire hit but there are still 17 wolves in the sanctuary that are now in fire bunkers in the complex (with 75-100 gallons of water per wolf). At last report (last night around 8PM eastern time) the fire had hit the sanctuary. Staff are trying to get back to the sanctuary but the roads are closed by fire marshals.

They will need a lot of help to rebuild. If you are in the Bellvue, CO / Fort Collins area you can contact them if you have supplies. If not in the area (or even if you are) money is always the best donation. You can donate on their donation page. Even a donation of $5 can be a help.

Let’s prey that the staff and wolves are safe.

You can get news on their Facebook Page but updates are slow due to the circumstances. I do have a friend who is in contact with some of the staff – I will update this post when I get news.