Aaron Rogers’ Dog

The current series of State Farm commercials feature Green Bay Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rogers and a dog named Rigsbee (commonly with teammate Clay Matthews (defense) as an antagonist).  While the quarterback and the Australian Cattle Dog seem to have quite the bond sadly this is not Aaron Rogers’ real dog (and there are no reports of who actually owns the dog).

It is not clear if Aaron currently has a dog or not but in the past he and former girlfriend Olivia Munn adopted two dogs together (she kept the dogs when they went their separate ways).  One of them, Chance, has his own Instagram account.  Both dogs kept Aaron Rogers’ last name.

The dog featured in the commercials is an Australian Cattle dog.  This breed is highly intelligent, has a lot of energy, and needs to work (or do something).  Personally, I would highly discourage someone from adopting one of these dogs mainly because the vast majority of dog owners would not be able to handle the breed.  They need constant supervision and stimulation or else they’ll find their own work to do, quite commonly something they shouldn’t be doing.

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