Red Wolf Coalition: Say no to Extinction

A red wolf. Photo courtesy USFWS Red Wolf Recovery program.

Recently as many as 6 critically endangered red wolves (Canis Rufus) have been illegally killed (poached) in their recovery area. With fewer than 100 of these animals in the wild the loss of even just one can have devastating consequences for the future of the species.

For decades, the Red Wolf Coalition has been on the front line of the red wolf recovery overseeing several captive breeding programs, educating the public, actively taking part in the lawmaking process, as well as helping raise funds for rewards leading to the arrest of these poachers.

Right now they are conducting their annual fundraiser as part of the  CrowdRise Challenge.  The top 3 charities in this event will receive an additional $100,000 (for first), $40,000 (for second), and $20,000 (for third).  We at DogActors are asking your help to help them get into the top 3.  It is quick and simple.

First, you can go to the team Dog Actors page though this link:

You will go though a short registration process and then send in your payment.  You do not have to worry about spam, Crowdrise does not spam (I’ve used them a bit in the past).  The minimum donation is $10 – that is just the price of a lunch or a few coffees.  Please consider donating to their cause.  Thank you in advance!

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