The Grey

I promised myself that I would give this movie as little free publicity as possible and not promote it or do an article about this movie on but recent events, findings, and several emails on the subject have forced me to write this article. This section will be in the preview on the homepage and post lists but the entire post will not be viewable unless you click “more below.

I also want to make this 100% clear – does not condone the use of wildlife and we condemn any actions that could be considered cruel or inhumane to any animals in the name of entertainment (as well as any other case).

Warning: Some of the information in this is graphic and touches into how inhumane some animals are still treated today in the name of entertainment. Do not proceed if you do not want to read about this.

A pro-wolf organization Wolfwatcher has been in constant contact with the producers and other staff members over the movie “The Grey” and how wolves are perceived in this movie. They thought they were making headway and they were being listened to until they received a promotional copy of the film – in a recent statement released on their website they do think that none of the suggestions or concerns were not only not listened to but flat out ignored. Feel free to read their statement for the full story but I will provide a rundown.

First, they did confirm that 4 wolf wolves were trapped by a “professional” trapper to be used in the film. I can confirm that the wolves in the previews are real wolves but no animal trainer, handler, or wrangler was used. This supports the theory that wild wolves were used in the film. I also cannot confirm the presence of a humane society member on the staff (which is required when animals are used in movies).

Second, they did confirm that two of the trapped wolves (and since there are more than 2 wolves in some of the previews – this includes some that were filmed) were eaten by the cast and staff. Lliam Neeson referred to it as “wolf jerky” and tasty. At least one of the wolves used (but more likely two) were killed during the filming. He also said “just throw some potatoes and onions in it and he could eat it all day long”.

When asked about a scene where a wolf is killed on film and its body is thrown into a field the staff did not confirm nor deny if it was a real wolf that was killed or a fake one.

To show how out of touch the staff is, one of their publicists asked Wolfwatcher if they could use OR-7 at the premier in Los Angeles (OR-7 a.k.a. Journey is that lone wolf (formerly of the Imnaha pack) that traveled across Oregon and into California).

The movie is also very biased against wolves, most “facts” stated in the movie are not true and many are even calling it a propaganda film and does not old any story nor any entertainment value with the exception of watching wolves get killed. officially condemns this movie and asks that our readers do not see the film nor support it in any way. We feel that “entertainment” like this, where animals (wild or domestic) are tortured (and yes, we feel that trapping animals IS torture) and killed, should have no place in today’s society. If you want to watch a suspense film with wolves in it, go see Underworld. If you want action there is “Mission: Impossible”, “Red Tails” and “Contraband”.

If you’d like to learn more about wolves and their struggle we can suggest the following sites:
The Wolf Army USA
The Wolf Army International

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