Colorado wildfires are hitting a large wolf sanctuary

Right now wildfires in Colorado are hitting Wolf Sanctuary in Bellvue, Colorado. They were able to evacuate 13 out of 30 wolves before the fire hit but there are still 17 wolves in the sanctuary that are now in fire bunkers in the complex (with 75-100 gallons of water per wolf). At last report (last night around 8PM eastern time) the fire had hit the sanctuary. Staff are trying to get back to the sanctuary but the roads are closed by fire marshals.

They will need a lot of help to rebuild. If you are in the Bellvue, CO / Fort Collins area you can contact them if you have supplies. If not in the area (or even if you are) money is always the best donation. You can donate on their donation page. Even a donation of $5 can be a help.

Let’s prey that the staff and wolves are safe.

You can get news on their Facebook Page but updates are slow due to the circumstances. I do have a friend who is in contact with some of the staff – I will update this post when I get news.

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