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Bear - a Belgian malinois in the TV series "Person of Interest"The second season of the CBS show “Person of Interest” introduced a new cast member – a Belgian malinois (working line) named Bear (previously named Butcher).  John Reese (played by Jim Cavierzel) gets “captured” by the Aryan Nation in an attempt to free his friends who were being held hostage.  Reese quickly proves that his hostage takers do not know how to properly handle nor get the respect for such a dog mainly because they do not speak  Dutch (commonly used in training military dogs).  Their expression quickly changes when Reese tells Butcher to sit then lie down in Dutch.  A quick scuffle happens and you see Reese with the other two hostages leaving the building.  As they get to the car Reese calls the dog and he comes running out (it’s safe to assume during the scuffle the dog did not break his commend).  Later in the episode Butcher eats a million dollar’s worth of bearer bonds and Reese decided to rename him to Bear.  Bear lives in the Library with Harold Finch (played by Michael Emerson).  While Mr. Finch does not get along with Bear at first he quickly warms up to the dog.

Bear is played by a working line Belgian Malinois named Graubaer’s Boker (who also has his own Facebook page).  Boker is an IPO trained dog (schutzhund title) – Boker has his IPO3 which is a schutzhund title (considered to be a more “recent” title than the more common SCHh3- the trial for both titles are very similar).  Boker was born in June of 2009 to a long line of working Belgian Malinois (French and Dutch lines).

Here is the scene where Reese meets up with Bear / Butcher:

Belgian malinois are a very intelligent and very energetic breed and are NOT recommended for novice dog owners nor are they recommended for most people.  Many times they’ll need something to do and if they have nothing to do – they’ll find something to do (sometimes naughty).  They can also be very attached to their humans and susceptible to separation anxiety but are very loyal to their family.  Even show line malinois can be too much for people to handle.  Training is a must for any Belgian malinois owner.

They are very commonly used in police and military work (a Belgian malinois was on Seal Team 6 that raided Bin Laden’s compound).  They are also commonly used for protection training by police, military, and civilians.  Their intelligence, drive, stamina, strength, relatively healthy, and long line make them very suitable for a working environment.

Person of Interest is on Thursdays at 9PM after Big Bang Theory (8PM) and 2 1/2 Men (8:30PM) on CBS.

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