The Grey

I promised myself that I would give this movie as little free publicity as possible and not promote it or do an article about this movie on but recent events, findings, and several emails on the subject have forced me to write this article. This section will be in the preview on the homepage and post lists but the entire post will not be viewable unless you click “more below.

I also want to make this 100% clear – does not condone the use of wildlife and we condemn any actions that could be considered cruel or inhumane to any animals in the name of entertainment (as well as any other case).

Warning: Some of the information in this is graphic and touches into how inhumane some animals are still treated today in the name of entertainment. Do not proceed if you do not want to read about this. Continue reading The Grey

A Post “Blackout” Note from

Welcome back faithful visitors and if you don’t mind I’d like to get political once again (and I still promise, this won’t be often). SOPA (a.k.a. the “Stop Online Piracy Act” – and we can include PIPA a.k.a. “Protect Intellectual Property Act”), while in good faith and the concept is an easy one to follow, like many bills the government does not make it easy for the public to see the true power of the bill – take the “Anti Phishing Consumer Protection Act” (which would allow companies to trademark generic terms, then force (though a court case) owners of those generic domains over to the companies and then sue the owner for what they feel (not actually) lost in lost business over the entire time that person owned the domain).

First, is against piracy. If you want entertainment then you should pay for it and help support those who make it (though DVD sales, watching commercials, movie tickets, etc.). We also support copyright laws as well as “fair use” laws.

SOPA is a very potent and powerful piece of legislation and would do very little to stop online piracy. For example, say Joe had a forum and someone posted a link to a YouTube video on the forum. The law enforcement could come in, without warning, and shut down the forum (indefinitely) as well as YouTube and Google (since Google owns YouTube now). If there is a pirate site up, if Google doesn’t do enough to “block them” (and considering the internet was designed to go around damage, it would be nearly impossible to completely block them) then the government could shut down Google, indefinitely. SOPA would give law enforcement too much power over the internet.

SOPA is also a redundant law, meaning that there are already laws that cover what SOPA covers. Piracy is considered stealing (which is illegal). Copyright laws do not allow you to distribute copies of copyrighted materials without their express permission (some exceptions do exist, like for educational purposes, as long as the materials are destroyed when the training is done).

Redundant laws and too much power to corporations – why is this bill even being considered since our government is “for the people, by the people” not “for the corporation, by the corporation”?


In the beginning of the XXXXXX the XXXXX XXXXXX comes across a slain XXXX XXXX mother and six XXXXXXX. The initial order is to kill the puppies so no more dire wolves exist in the XXXXXXX but the children take it as a sign since the XXXXX XXXXX emblem is a XXXX. The five XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX get a XXXX XXX each and later a XXXXXX XXXXX is found, a XXXX, which is given to XXXX XXXX (the XXXXXXX son). Continue reading XXXX of XXXXXXX – XXXX Wolves

Cujo note: The novel and movie do not portray Saint Bernards in an accurate manner and both make it clear that Cujo is infected with rabies, which any mammal can get and will cause chaotic and aggressive behavior. Saint Bernards are typically affectionate and loyal. Typically the largest threats to people from the breed is their large size, clumsiness, and a high chance of a wet and slobbery kiss.

The 1981 novel by Stephen King, “Cujo” and the 1983 movie based on the novel and with the same name is about a Saint Bernard. Despite the love the family has for their dog, they never got it vaccinated against rabies. There is a lot of tension in the family (abusive husband / father) and by chance, the wife (Charity played by Kaiulani Lee) wins the lottery and convinces the husband to allow her to take their son (Brett – played by Billy Jayne) to her sister’s house in Connecticut. During this time Cujo gets infected with the rabies virus (he got his head stuck and was bitten by an infected bat) and after they leave starts to aggressively attack and kill people. During the rampage, Donna Trenton (played by Dee Wallace) and her son, Tad (played by Danny Pintauro) are trapped in their car and the story centers around them and their struggle to escape. Continue reading Cujo