FX’s new series, Wilfred, starrs Elijah Wood as Ryan, Fiona Gubelmann as Ryan’s neighbor, Jenna, and Jason Gann as Jenna’s dog, Wilfred. The series starts off with Jenna in a hurry and asks Ryan (who recently lost his job and tried to kill himself the night before – too bad the pills were all placebos) to watch her dog, Wilfred, while she’s at work.

Of course, it doesn’t take that long to realize that Wilfred is not a real dog but a grown man in a dog costume. The point of the series is that Ryan is the only person who sees this, everyone else sees a normal dog (as far as we can tell).

Ryan learns a lot from Wilfred (in Wilfred’s terms “play ball”), how to enjoy life, how to be happy, all while Wilfred is manipulating Ryan into much more trouble than he should be in (now, where is Ryan’s wallet?).

Wilfred is a human in a dog costume (and a rather bad one, I think that was deliberate) so there were no animal trainers or wranglers on the set (it’s easier to train a human). From his costume it seems that Wilfred is a “generic” dog but he could be some sort of terrier mix (the coat is common with some terrier breed) which would explain his “gruff” attitude yet his ears are more hound-ish which would explain his “jump first, look later” attitude.

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