Twilight series – Werewolves

The Twilight movies are based on a series of books (with the same name) about a girl who is caught in a love triangle between Edward (a vampite) and Jacob (a werewolf). In the series vampires and werewolves are also at war with each other putting all three of them in a very difficult situation.

A lot of the werewolves in the movie are CGI generated but there were some real animals used with them (Primarily in the first movie). Some were wolves owned and trained by Tim Williams (who also worked with Eight Below and True Blood). Tim owns several full blooded wolves and has used them in TV and movies.

Other credits are as follows:

  • Steve Berens – Animal Wrangler (Twilight)
  • Lauren Henry – Animal Trainer (Twilight, New Moon)
  • Paul Jasper – Animal Trainer (New Moon), Animal Coordinator (Breaking Dawn, Pt 1)
  • Roland Sonnenburg – Animal Trainer (Twilight) – Animal Provider (New Moon)
  • Tim Williams – Wolves Trainer (Twilight)

* There are no general animal credits (or dedicated canine credits) for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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