Get a Great Gift – Support a Great Charity.

“Tis the season” where we are all out shopping for holiday gifts for friends, family, and other loved ones. Today (Black Friday) millions of people are heading out to retailers and will spend billions of dollars for such gifts. Sadly, the vast majority of these gifts will only go to fund some deep pockets of large corporations. I am asking for people to “shop with a conscience” this year. There are many organizations out there who have online stores that support their cause.

One such organization is Wolf People. They have been around for almost 20 years and have been working hard to educate the public the unbiased truth about wolves.

Right now Wolf People are facing a serious battle. Special interest groups opposed to wolves (for various reasons) are fighting hard in courts to get this organization shut down for any reason they can find. One group is even offering a $5,000 reward for them to bring the body of a domesticated arctic wolf that escaped earlier this year and is also raising funds to help shut down Wolf People. I’ve even seen Cryco (the escaped being referred to as a “freebie” by some hunters (referring that they won’t need a tag to kill him). Wolf People are also in Idaho which is a very anti-wolf area and crimes against wolves rarely (if ever) get reported, let alone investigated.

So, I’m asking if you are looking for a unique gift for a friend, at least take a look at the Wolf People’s store (click the banner below). They have many great gifts for all ages from stuffed animals to travel mugs to jackets and jewelry.

Below is a screenshot of an anti-wolf community. I have edited out the name calling and irrelevant parts just to show the comment made.

Seriously, is this any way to treat someone’s beloved animal? A more chilling fact is that someone from a local husky rescue group posted that they had a husky escape a few weeks earlier – the response? They didn’t care if they shot the husky thinking it was a wolf (no screenshot available because the comments were deleted).

Please note: has no official affiliation with the Wolf People outside of a mutual goal of educating the public the truth about wolves and saving them from persecution and extinction.

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