Back to the Future (Einstein and Copernicus)

The 1980’s trilogy, “Back two the Future” featured to friends, Dr. Emmet Brown (Christopher Loyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and their adventures as they travel in time, mess things up, and then try to fix the timeline (as best as they can).

With the exception of their travels to the year 1885 (the “Old West”), Doc always had a dog with him. During 1985 and 2015 Doc has Einstein, a middle aged sheepdog (from 1985) who travels to the future (2015), and according to the video games, other times. Einstein was almost always next to Doc as his most loyal companion. It is highly suspected that other than Marty, Einstein was Doc’s only other friend.

In 1955, Coc had another dog named “Copernicus” who, like Einstein, was commonly Doc’s Guinea pig in experiments (when we first meet the 1955 Doc, he is testing a brain analyzer on Copernicus). It is unclear what breed Copernicus is, either a terrier of some kind or mix. Copernicus’s name was not mentioned until the third film (but it is mentioned in the novels). In part III Copernicus lights the way with a headlamp in the tunnels to help Marty and the 1955 Doc find the DeLorean time machine.

The animal staff were:

  • Richard Caulkins (animal handler – part I)
  • Robert Weatherwax (animal handler – part I)
  • Matilda de Cagne (Einstein’s trainer – parts II & III)
  • Gary Gero (animal trainer – part II)
  • Dick Elter (from the humane society – part III)
  • Mark Forbes (dog trainer – part III)
  • Randy Miller (bear supplier – part III)
  • Gordon Spencer (animal wrangler – part III)

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