Mollie (Capt. Janeway’s dog) – Star Trek: Voyager

Can you guess the breed of dog that has made 3 appearances in Star Trek?

The Star Trek: Voyager series features a crew who gets lost in the delta quadrant (the other side of the galaxy) by an entity known as “The Keeper”.  The captain of the Voyager is Captain Katherine Janeway.   During the series Janeway makes several references to her dog, Mollie, who is an Irish Setter.  In the beginning of the series (first episode, “Caretaker”) she convinced her fiance (Mark Johnson) to watch over Mollie while she is very pregnant, while acting reluctant he agrees to her and even comments that he’s already moved her bed and toys to his place.

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Wolves – if you don’t mind me getting a little political

Recently the US government took wolves off of the endangered species list as part of the debt reduction plan. Personally, I do not see how it is relevant other than allowing states to sell wolf hunting licenses. Personally, I feel this is a big step back and if you are on this site then there is a good chance that you also at least have a respect for the wolf.

3 states – Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, all plan on making (or have already made) the wolf a “trophy” level hunt meaning a hunter can kill one on sight just so they can use it as a trophy.  I don’t have an issue with hunting like the Native Americans – use as much of the animal as you can when you kill it but allowing a mass hunt for wolves is not the right thing to do.  I’ve been trying to figure out why there is such large support for this and I’ve heard some pro-wolf hunt arguments and I’ll address my responses to the most common ones. Continue reading Wolves – if you don’t mind me getting a little political