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The Beethoven movie series started in 1992 when the Newton family (George played by Charles Gordin and Alice plaued by Bonnie Hunt) find a puppy in their home who had escaped from some thieves who had robbed a pet store. Even though George is against it he gives in to his wife and children. He is given the name “Beethoven” after the daughter (Emily played by Sarah Rose Karr) plays part of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on the piano. Continue reading


FX’s new series, Wilfred, starrs Elijah Wood as Ryan, Fiona Gubelmann as Ryan’s neighbor, Jenna, and Jason Gann as Jenna’s dog, Wilfred. The series starts off with Jenna in a hurry and asks Ryan (who recently lost his job and tried to kill himself the night before – too bad the pills were all placebos) to watch her dog, Wilfred, while she’s at work.

Of course, it doesn’t take that long to realize that Wilfred is not a real dog but a grown man in a dog costume. The point of the series is that Ryan is the only person who sees this, everyone else sees a normal dog (as far as we can tell). Continue reading

True Blood – Werewolves

In season 3 of True Blood a pack of werewolves were introduced. They were mostly addicted to “V” and were under the command of the Mississippi vampire king, Russel Edgington.

It is not easy tracking down if these are actual wolves or not but in the credits Tim Williams (also from Eight Below and Twilight) and Gayle Phelps (also from Evan Almighty and Dances With Wolves) are listed as animal trainers – both of whom have been known to work with full blooded wolves and high content wolf-hybrids. What little information is out there at this time confirms that they used full blooded wolves and did not use CGI for any of them. Continue reading

Back to the Future (Einstein and Copernicus)

The 1980’s trilogy, “Back two the Future” featured to friends, Dr. Emmet Brown (Christopher Loyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and their adventures as they travel in time, mess things up, and then try to fix the timeline (as best as they can). Continue reading