Stargate SG-1: Spirits

This Stargate SG-1 episode takes place when SG-1 is dispatched to find out what has happened to SG-11 who was conducting a mining survey on a planet. On the planet are people who are very similar to Native Americans called the Salish and their “spirit guides” (like Native American mythology). One of them, Xe’ls is their equivalent of a wolf.

But in reality, Xe’ls is not a wolf, he is a malamute. Wolves are not easily trainable, as well as “wolf-hybrids” (they can tend to be skittish and not to willing to work), wolf-hybrids are illegal in many parts of the USA and Canada, and the extremely very low availability of wolf dogs (like the vlcak (Czechoslovakia), saarloos (Netherlands), and the lupo Italiano (Italy)) malamutes make a good substitute for a wolf. They’ve retained the wolf look but are easily trainable to do what is needed for the episode (huskies are too well known to be wolf substitutes).

Bonnie Judd, Ryan Judd, and Andrew Simpson are credited for being the animal trainers on the set.

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