The Shaggy Dog (2006)

In 2006 Tim Allen starred in the remake of the 1959 film, “The Shaggy Dog” gets bitten on the hand by a dog that was used for animal testing. In the process Dave (played by Tim Allen), at times, turns into a bearded collie which helps him solve some mysteries as well as solving problems at his home.

A bearded collie is one of the herding dogs. Herding dogs are typically more intelligent than other groups allowing them it to be easier to train them. Bearded collies can also look “shaggy” (hence the title), mutt-like, and not too clean like a typical collie yet can still look like a good family pet as opposed to a shepherd.

The animal related crew were the animal trainers, Raymond W Beal, Jimm Brockett, Kristy Campbell, Mark Forbes (head), Michael W Miliotti, Gary Mui, Tony Suffredini, Melinda Eichberg (dog trainer – uncredited), and John R McCormick. Also, Nerissa Politzer was a chimpanzee trainer and Janine L. Aines was a cat trainer.

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