Stand By Me

The 1986 future-star studded film was about four young boys on their way to find a dead body. Their journey proves difficult for them and they come across many tests of courage during their trip. One of them was to face “Chopper”, a guard dog at a junkyard where they took refuge one afternoon. There is a rumor that the owner of the dog taught him a command that would strike the fear into any young man’s heart – “Chopper – sick balls”.

Chopper was a golden retriever named Popeye who was also in the films “War of the Roses” (1989 as “Benny”) and “Out of Bounds” (1986 – as Barney the Dog). Golden retrievers love to play fetch, catch, and any other “game” that requires retrieving. They are also trained to retrieve shot-down foul for hunters. They can easily be made to look like a dangerous mutt with good speed and agility – and when needed, to bite Corey Feldman in the rear end.

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