Snow Dogs

In 2002 Cuba Gooding Jr starred in the Disney film, “Snow Dogs” who is a dentist in the warm climate of Miami who is thrust into Alaska upon hearing of his mother’s death. During this time, he inherits seven Siberian huskies and a border collie.

The canine stars were:

  • Nana played by Fly. (The border collie)
  • Demon played by D.J.
  • Mac played by Floyd.
  • Scooper played by Speedy.
  • Diesel played by Shadow.
  • Sniff played by Buck.
  • Yodel played by Koda.
  • Dutchess played by Gloria.

D.J., Coda, and Floyd also starred in the film “Eight Below“.

Stacy Basil was the head trainer and animal coordinator, Raymond W Beal was the lead Trainer, and Daniel Blyeven, Duane Bradley, Ian Doig (wild), Mark Dumas (bear), Dana Dubé, Julie Schultz, Andrew Simpson, Gerry Therrien, Shawn Weber, and Phil Hoelcher were additional trainers. Russel Gregory and Tammy Riehl (dogs) were the animal handlers. Michelle Spicer was the animal department assistant.

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