Punky Brewster

The mid-1980s TV show, “Punky Brewster” featured a golden retriever named “Brandon” (a.k.a. “Brandon the Wonder Dog” – his real name was also Brandon). Brandon was Punky’s trusty sidekick throughout the series – appearing in every episode but he wasn’t in the credits until the third season.

Brandon was a puppy when the show first aired and loyal viewers watched Brandon grow up along with Punky though the entire life of the series (88 episodes from 1984 to 1988) and he was named after the head of NBC (the network that aired Punky Brewster), Brandon Tartikoff. Brandon lived up to his alias learning many tricks during his show career including how to ride a skateboard in just a couple of days. Glen Garner is credited for being the on-set dog trainer.

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