Millennium – Beware of the Dogs

The second episode of the second season of the TV show Millennium was “Beware of the Dogs” and featured a pack of “wild” dogs that seemed to be attacking people in a town. These “attack” dogs were nothing more than a pack of well trained Belgian malinois (ak.k.a Belgian shepherds).

Malinois (or “Mals” amongst the breed fanciers) are an extremely versatile breed. They are herding dogs, family companions, protectors, and hard working dogs. There aren’t many fields that a mal could not easily excel in with the right trainer. Their intelligence and loyalty to their “pack” (family) along with their primal and intense look make them the perfect breed for hard work including police and military work worldwide. Israel only uses malinois in their military and may police departments in the USA use many, if not all, malinois with their K9 units. Only the German shepherd can come close to competing with the malinois.

It is these traits that also make the mal the ideal pick for a seemingly aggressive dog while keeping cast and crew safe (dobermans, rottweilers, and German shepherds are also good picks for this). Malinois are one of the few breeds that can easily learn how to act (play pretend) and can be trained to look extremely aggressive but still the handlers can still have complete control over the mal’s actions.

It is suspected that some of these dogs were also in the opening scene of the Stargate SG-1 episode “Emancipation”.

Other dogs featured in this episode:

  • Opening Scene: The older couple in the RV has a Pomeranian with them. It is suspected that this may be the same dog who is Agent Scully’s pet in some X-Files episodes, too.
  • After the credits Catherine is sitting on the porch with a border collie.

In this episode, due to the number of dogs used, they had a team of animal trainers. Ian Doig, Dana Dubé, and Andrew Simpson were the “animal” trainers. Ryan Judd was an assistant animal trainer and Bonnie Judd was the dog trainer on the set.

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