Marley & Me

The film “Marley & Me” stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. It is a biography (based on a true story book), from the point of view, of a dog that they receive as a puppy (a yellow lab named Grogan – played by “Jonah” (he was also in the 2007 documentary “Zoo“) and have the dog for a pet for 13 years. The puppy is a typical dog in many ways – untrained, high energy, destructive (but not though malice), and eager to please his humans (from a dog’s point of view).

As the family and their canine family member grow, the humans have children as they accept (and love) Marley the way he is until his dying days.

Yellow labs are very common pets in the USA and some other countries due to the perception that they are an easy dog to have, yet sometimes this is not the truth. They can grow to be very large (90+ pounds) and can have high energy (they are retrievers!). They will usually want to play (fetch is a great game for them) and will also want to be with their family.

The trainers for the film were Raymond W Beal, Candice B Cothern, Matilda de Cagny (head trainer), Mark Forbes (head trainer & head animal coordinator), April Mackin, Larry Madrid (lead trainer), Larry Payne, and James P Warren (dog trainer).

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