In 1999 James Belushi (Mike Dooley) starred with a German shepherd (“Jerry Lee” played by Mac) in the sequel to “K-9”, “K911”. Jerry Lee is an older and close to retirement K9 office that the captain thinks should be retired but Mike refuses a younger K9 officer has his new partner.

German shepherds are not only the most recognizable breed of dog in the world, they have also been the most popular breed for a pet (or working-pet) dog for almost 100 years. Due to their intelligence, loyalty, ruggedness, and stamina they are also often used in police and military work.

The film also featured a Doberman pincher being used as a younger and more outgoing K9 officer.

Karl Lewis Miller is credited for being the “animal action coordinator” yet the credits do not list any trainers or handlers. Mac is not credited for being in any other film at this time.

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