Dug and his pack from Up

Normally I do not intend to do animated films but Pixar’s “Up” really hits home with their dogs.

First, we meed Dug, a retriever (voiced by Bob Peterson). What’s unique about Dug is that he has a collar that converts his thoughts to words we (humans) can understand. Dug is a very typical retriever – in love with everyone he meets and wants to be their best friend. of course, Dug is also not the brightest dog you’ve ever met nor the most attractive but what he lacks in intelligence and looks he over-compensates in sweetness and personality. SQUIRREL!

We also meet Dug’s “pack” – Alpha (an oddly voiced Doberman – also voiced by Bob Peterson), Beta (A Rottweiler – voiced by Delroy Lindo), and Gamma (a bulldog – voiced by Jerome Ranft). Alpha is the leader of this small pack but he answers to “the master”.

There is also the entire pack of dogs, mostly bulldogs, rottweilers, Dobermans, and so on. These dogs are usually looked upon as guard dogs, sometimes even aggressive. Dug, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. People see retrievers as pets, sweet, and affectionate.

When the pack was created they didn’t want a typical cartoon dog (walking, talking etc..) so they were created as normal dogs with the exception that they all have a collar that translates their thoughts to words. Other than the collars, they are as typical of dogs as they could (SQUIRREL!!).

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