Buck and Lucky- Married With Children

For 11 seasons the Bundy family has their loyal companion, Buck the dog. For many seasons Buck was a mutt (briard mix until the character’s death untimely death (the dog “Buck” was retired when he reached 12 1/2 years of age in 1995 – the dog died 9 months later) but (un)luckily he was reincarnated as a cocker spaniel named Lucky and (re)adopted by the Bundy family and stayed with them until the end of the series.

The briard mix Buck (real name Michael) was voiced by Kevin Curran and, on occasion, by Cheech Marin. During and after season 8 he was voiced by Kim Weiskopf. He was trained by Steven Ritt. Michael also had an uncredited cameo in the 1988 movie “Scrooged”.

The cocker spaniel “Lucky” was voiced by Kim Weiskopf also.

Buck is a lot like the rest of the family – lazy, miserable, and extremely sarcastic towards the other characters in the show except no one else understands him so he, quite often, is able to get in the last word.

Punky Brewster

The mid-1980s TV show, “Punky Brewster” featured a golden retriever named “Brandon” (a.k.a. “Brandon the Wonder Dog” – his real name was also Brandon). Brandon was Punky’s trusty sidekick throughout the series – appearing in every episode but he wasn’t in the credits until the third season.

Brandon was a puppy when the show first aired and loyal viewers watched Brandon grow up along with Punky though the entire life of the series (88 episodes from 1984 to 1988) and he was named after the head of NBC (the network that aired Punky Brewster), Brandon Tartikoff. Brandon lived up to his alias learning many tricks during his show career including how to ride a skateboard in just a couple of days. Glen Garner is credited for being the on-set dog trainer.

The Patriot

In the 2000 historical film, “The Patriot” General Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson) had two pet dogs, both were Great Danes. Mars (played by Charity) and Jupiter (played by Vanilla). Of course, Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) adopts these two dogs and while Cornwallis states that they’ve probably been eaten – the next scene shows that Benjamin is treating them very well – feeding them meat (while the troops were low on food). Later in the film, Benjamin returns the dogs to Cornwallis only to call them back as he exits the gates – much to Cornwallis’ anger.

Great Danes are very large dogs (one of the largest breeds in existence) and were considered a status symbol in England royalty at the time (1700s).

Elizabeth McMullan and Kathleen Pirelli are credited for being the dog trainers on the set.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In the 1986 cult-classic film, “Ferris Bueller’s Day off” there is a scene when principal Edward Rooney (played by Jeffrey Jones) tries to break into Ferris’ house to catch him playing hookey red handed. Of course, no one his home except The Bueller family’s dog – an unnamed Rottweiler who proceeds to chase Rooney out of the house. Later on, Rooney is able to knock the dog out with a floral arrangement that was delivered for the ailing Ferris (don’t worry – they just put the dog in a “play dead” command while they had the debris around him). Don’t worry, the dog did get his revenge when towards the end of the film, Ferris’ sister, Jeanie, slams a door shut with Rooney in the back yard. Of course, this wakes the dog up and you can hear a “vicious” attack going on behind the door with Rooney screaming.

Rottweiliers are commonly used in movies as “tough” dogs due to their bulky appearance and reputation when in reality a well bred and trained Rottie is actually a very sweet and cuddly dog but they can be protective of their family and can be trained to look aggressive.

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

The 1985 “in your face” comedy sequel featured the least likely of additions to the police force: Officer Vinnie Schtulman (Peter Van Norden) and his K-9 Newfoundland dog, Lou. Of course, Officer Lou is the exact opposite of your traditional police dog – slow, cumbersome, clumsy, messy, and seemingly unintelligent (in reality Newfies can be smart). The K-9 compliments Officer Schtulman who is also messy, slow, less intelligent than the others, and quite stubborn. Of course, it hads to the comedy when they both eat form the same plate.

Officer Lou was played by the most titled Newfloundland dogs to date, Kodiak (aka VN Ch. Riptide’s Brown Kodiak Bear, CD, WRD, DD). Of course the dog was a big teddy bear on the set and was quite stubborn – quite often dictating how many takes he’s want for a shoot. Don’t let this get you, though, he did alert his owner, Kathie Cullen, to a dangerous fire that was burning in her home. Kodiak has also earned the Newfoundland club’s prestigious “Versatility” award. Continue reading Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment