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The Golden Compass

While animals do play a very significant role in this film (being the humans’ dæmons), as far as I can tell all of the animals were CGI (computer generated graphics) and none were real. There are also no animal trainers listed in the credits.

Look Who’s Talking Now

The 1993 film, “Look Who’s Talking now” was the third installment of the “Look Who’s Talking” series. In the previous two films you heard the “thoughts” of the two children but the third installment you heard the thoughts of their two dogs, “Rocks”, voiced by Danny Devito, and “Daphne” voiced by Diane Keaton.

Rocks, the first dog who is adopted into the family (by James and Mikey) is a run of the mill typical street mutt (shepherd mix most likely). In the beginning (and throughout the film) he is dirty, messy, clumsy, and always getting into trouble. This portrays one end of the dog behavior spectrum – chaotic.

Daphne is the second dog adopted into the family (by a few minutes – adopted by Mollie and Julie). She is a standard poodle and is the exact opposite of Rocks – polite, well trained, neat, proper, polite, and does not get into trouble. She displays the other end of the dog behavior spectrum – completely orderly. Continue reading

Millennium – Beware of the Dogs

The second episode of the second season of the TV show Millennium was “Beware of the Dogs” and featured a pack of “wild” dogs that seemed to be attacking people in a town. These “attack” dogs were nothing more than a pack of well trained Belgian malinois (ak.k.a Belgian shepherds).

Malinois (or “Mals” amongst the breed fanciers) are an extremely versatile breed. They are herding dogs, family companions, protectors, and hard working dogs. There aren’t many fields that a mal could not easily excel in with the right trainer. Their intelligence and loyalty to their “pack” (family) along with their primal and intense look make them the perfect breed for hard work including police and military work worldwide. Israel only uses malinois in their military and may police departments in the USA use many, if not all, malinois with their K9 units. Only the German shepherd can come close to competing with the malinois. Continue reading

Snow Dogs

In 2002 Cuba Gooding Jr starred in the Disney film, “Snow Dogs” who is a dentist in the warm climate of Miami who is thrust into Alaska upon hearing of his mother’s death. During this time, he inherits seven Siberian huskies and a border collie. Continue reading

Best in Show

The 2000 mocumentary “Best In Show” helped bring the world of professional dog showing to the eyes of the masses – mainly focusing on the Westminster Kennel Club show, in a comedic fashion (well, it’s not a comedy to those of us who have shown dogs professionally!). The film starred many dogs, including a nervous Weimaraner (well, nervous owners), an overly spoiled Norwich Terrier, and a bloodhound. The film was directed and written by Christopher Guest (“Spinal Tap“).

The movie starts off with each dog owner in their own corner of the country as they set off to the premier of dog shows, The Mayflower Dog Show (based on the Westminster Kennel Club show). Of course, just getting to a dog show in itself can be quite an adventure as some off them realize. Continue reading